Animal Spirits is a factory of unruly objects: it creates products, experiences and mythology to enhance the potential for individual action in the public sphere.

Animal Spirits is conceived as a series of capsule collections in constant evolution, presented with performances during festivals, artistic and cultural events, at fairs or dedicated pop-up stores. Customisable products, in limited editions, with a strong narrative and symbolic function, transform the image of their owner into that of a political animal, ready for action. Aesthetic care, quality of materials and a tight relationship with the artisans makes up the renowned “made in Italy” added value.


Started in 2013 as artistic project, and subsequently transformed into an art-based brand, Animal Spirits is based at Centrale Fies, Art Work Space in Trentino Alto-Adige, Italy. It can be found in temporary or pop-up form at events, festivals and in many cities, including upon invitation.

Animal Spirits integrates design research with artistic research on performance and political thinking. It develops the idea of “performative object”: an object that blends use with a narrative function and during the lifetime of its owner, extends the fleeting performance in which it is presented. The tools of Animal Spirits challenge the individual to act beyond their bodily, cultural and political limits, transforming the usage experience into an everyday ritual.

“Animal spirit” is a term created by J. M. Keynes. It describes the demonic personification of an ancestral force driving the individual to take action, without reasoning about profit or loss issues nor taking into consideration pros and cons. By extension: each individual being aware of his/her role in taking political actions.

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via dell’Androna 1, 38123 Trento (Italy)

Carmela Santovito
+39 333 3285208


Mali Weil

We have collaborated with:
Ventura Projects, Design.Venice, Overground Magazine, Undesign, IED Torino, Circolo del Design, Torino Graphic Days, Viafarini Milano, ZHdK Zurich, Month of Performance Berlin, La Triennale/CRT Milano, Centrale Fies, and others.

Animal Spirits is powered by
Centrale Fies + Mali Weil

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Compagnia di San Paolo Torino within Ora! linguaggi contemporanei_Produzioni innovative, Provincia Autonoma di Trento and with the kind support of CSS Ebla

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Extra photo credits: Dido Fontana, Anna Donatiello + Alessia Tripodi, Francesco Elipanni, Andrea Pizzalis, Alessandro Sala/Cesura lab, wrestlers Simone Fidelbo, Francesca Indelicato, Neith Alice Voltolini.

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