A capsule collection dedicated to architecture as a way to re-imagine the use of urban spaces.

What would happen if everyone might claim her/his own right on empty spaces, the so called “terrain vagues” hidden within the city?
And what if starting from minimal units, from cracks, fissures, breaches so small that are almost unseen, so insignificant that aren’t listed on any map and too small to be controlled by any authority?

Terrain Vague at the moment is composed by three limited series of Space Toys: each one is a numered, unique piece. And each one is made out from the cast of one residual space, a minimal-unit of space from a symbolic power building – i.e. political, financial or private, and comes together with a customized project about how to use that specific space.
The projects are realized together with the architect Luca Bertoldi, but it is up to each Animal Spirit’s responsibility to realize it.
It is an art piece but also a tool of personal revolution.